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Restaurant adopts new theme to appeal to Hispanic neighbors

Two angel statues up front are all that’s left of this building’s heyday as the Venetian Italian Restaurant at 3713 W. Sahara Ave. Established downtown in 1955 and moved here 10 years later, it was a favorite haunt of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and other Rat Pack notables not known for their angelic behavior.

Union actors carry ‘Shining City’

Nevada Conservatory Theatre’s “Shining City” is an intriguing Irish drama about spiritual loss. Conor McPherson doesn’t always explain what’s bugging his characters. In the end, it really doesn’t matter. These people feel they’ve lost God, and, in director Robert Brewer’s production, it’s at times remarkably touching to see them trying to find their way back into meaning.


Angelina’s Pizzeria, 5821 E. Charleston Blvd., received 38 demerits Sept. 24. Violations included chemical bottle improperly stored. GRADE: C

You’re bound to laugh at Rainbow’s ‘Kid’

The big question behind any judgment of Rainbow Company’s “The Kid Who Ran for President” — a new musical-comedy adaptation by former Rainbow member Jeremiah Clay Neal of two Dan Gutman books — is, does the show capture the spirit of the author’s world? As a Gutman fan, I easily answer “yes.” You can quibble with this-and-thats, but Neal understands what makes this children’s writer tick.

R-J columnist receives honor

Review-Journal wine columnist Gil Lempert-Schwarz recently received the French Ordre du Mérite Agricole for his contributions to the field of wine.


Amore Pizza & Pasta, 3945 S. Durango Drive, received 18 demerits Sept. 17. Violations included raw chicken stored on shelf above open potatoes. GRADE: B

Chefs on the Cheap

It must be nice to be a chef, right? Access to all those exotic foods. All that equipment, all that space, all that help — not to mention a budget that in some cases is virtually unlimited. Except that many chefs — and cooks — also toil away in their home kitchens, where they don’t have quite as many bells and whistles, and where they, too, are feeling the pinch of the foundering economy.

Great breakfasts abound

Brad Dunaway is looking for places that serve breakfast with “good eggs … good orange juice and coffee” (and good hash browns, but more on that below), and it seems readers are eager to nominate their favorites.

Readers seek variety of products

The cooler weather we’ve been experiencing lately seems to bring out the cooks among us, so let’s see if we can find some of the items sought by Taste of the Town readers:


Breakfast out: Ahhh, and Argh — Ahhh because you finally have time to have breakfast out, Argh because of the SSDD (same stuff, different day) factor. When IHOP’s most recent pancake special represents the only variety in your breakfast routine, it may be time to try something different.