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Concern arises over scoring

Q. We have a problem at our weekly ladies play day and club tournaments with players who can’t seem to count the strokes they take on a hole. This is an ongoing concern since some of these women always get paired together and seem to win every week. Is there anything we can do about this? — S.P.

UNLV men’s team makes 21 consecutive regional bids

The UNLV men’s golf team has set such a high standard of excellence in coach Dwaine Knight’s 22 years at the helm that anything short of reaching the NCAA Championships can be a tough pill to swallow.

Revere’s Concord provides enjoyable play

One of the Las Vegas Valley’s premier residential communities, Henderson’s Anthem is also home to two of Southern Nevada’s most enjoyable public-access golf courses. While the Revere Golf Club’s Lexington track is the more well-known of the duo, the Concord course is not to be overshadowed. Stretching nearly 7,100 yards and featuring more ups and downs than the Dow Jones Industrial Average, Concord offers an appealing challenge without being overly taxing.


Playoffs determine women’s golf champions

Simplify your pitching

In a time where “grip it and rip it” dominates most golfers’ thinking, it is oftentimes very easy to forget about some of the other skills required to play good golf. Pitching (a technique that is slowly becoming a lost art) is definitely one of those skills. After all, the farther you hit it off the tee the more often you’ll be faced with a shorter shot into the green, right?

Dreaded 10 could have been avoided

Q. Last week while playing, my tee shot ended up in a lateral water hazard. I thought I could play it and proceeded to hit the ball out of bounds. My fellow competitor said the only option I now had was to drop a ball stroke and distance in the lateral water hazard from where I had just played from. Was that the only thing I could have done? I ended up taking a 10 on the hole because of having to drop back into the hazard. — Jenna Williams

Watney off to hot start in PGA Tour

After a steady and impressive rise in his first three years on the PGA Tour, Nick Watney stepped back a bit last season.

Resortlike Rhodes Ranch is great springtime walk in park

There are times when golfers seek out a daunting challenge that will test their focus and stretch the limits of their capabilities. On these days, they look for a course that offers little margin of error, where every shot holds the potential for disaster. Then again, there are times when a relaxing weekend round at the country club is preferable.


Area golf courses singled out

Change your habits — learn to practice smart

Chances are you have spent hundreds of dollars on videos, books, range balls and the most recent technology in golf equipment — and have tried numerous gadgets and gimmicks — with little or no success. Chances are you have not improved.