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Nevada officials and Yucca Mountain

Maybe if Nevada government officials were not so bullheaded about nuclear issues in Nevada, the Department of Energy would be willing to talk (“Plutonium secretly sent,” Thursday Review-Journal). There is a lot of future in atomic energy, so why not find ways to make it work for Nevada as well as the whole country?

Our new governor should act like a leader and not like a kid who just dropped his ice cream cone.

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LETTER: Let’s teach our children how to be civil

I believe Martin Luther King Jr. knew that peaceful demonstration and dialogue in race issues was the way to move ahead and solve problems.

LETTER: Driving tips for Las Vegans

Don’t get mad at aggressive drivers; they’ll end up in jail or the morgue soon enough.

LETTER: Violence and the Portland protests

These “protesters” are exactly like internet trolls, letting their true selves shine through while operating under a cloak of anonymity.

LETTER: Airlines want another federal bailout

These are some thoughts regarding the airline CEOs visiting the White House begging for funds to bail them out.

LETTER: Voter plans to sit this election out

I have watched over the years how my vote doesn’t matter or count. It seems the Electoral College votes for me.