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LETTER: We need to move on from Donald Trump

It seems every day, there is “new” drama as a direct result of the Trump administration. Last week, the Capital chatter was saying that Donald Trump tested positive for COVID during the campaign. Who cares about that today?

To any and all individuals who can’t seem to live in the present: Get over this obsession with Mr. Trump. We are 11 months into the current administration. Costs are way up for everything. Unemployment numbers are down only because hundreds of thousands of people have fallen off the compensation lists because they’ve been out of work for so long they don’t seem to count any longer. But they’re still out of work. Parents versus schools. Can’t get on the same page. By the way, do PTA’s still exist?

Crime numbers are growing exponentially while certain factions push to defund the police and send in the “counselors.” Got other problems? Let’s just throw money at them and maybe they’ll go away. Don’t want to get a shot? Fine, prepare to be cast out, because you have failed to comply.

My point? Life and the world have moved on since the change of administrations. We have real problems today that need attention. Many seem to have developed selective memory where history is concerned. Put that talent to work now. Get past Mr. Trump and the obsessive dislike for the man. Take care of today. We are in trouble.

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