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LETTER: Time to reign in Big Tech with federal regulation

Democracy dies in darkness. The most basic constitutional right includes free speech and the right to public assembly (whether in person or virtually). Big Tech apparently couldn’t care less.

Radio and television stations, as well as cable operators and telephone monopolies, are subject to FCC licensing regulations. It’s time that all these internet-based companies be similarly regulated if they are using the public airways known as the internet. The internet was originally funded by U.S. taxpayers and was created by the U.S. military. It is a de facto public airway.

If Big Tech, including numerous platforms that exist solely on the internet, persist in denying Americans their most basic constitutional rights, their access to use the internet must be restricted.

Both the FCC and FTC must regulate their activity. This includes not allowing Facebook or Google to act as a cartel in violation of the Sherman Act by giving them the sole ability to de-platform apps. The only activity they should be allowed to restrict is any activity that violates federal law.

Anyone who values our guaranteed constitutional rights must also value the free exchange of ideas including those you disagree with. Everyone should support an effort to reign in Big Tech.

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