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LETTER: Smooth-talking politicians offer mostly talk

Updated October 18, 2020 - 9:20 pm

To the author of the letter (“Original thoughts”) criticizing Joe Biden for having no plans: Welcome to politics. What politician has ever said how he would fix the problem? They are more interested in telling us there is a problem and who created it. I am still waiting for President Donald Trump to tell us how he is going to fix health care. He better hurry. Nov. 3 is not far off.

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LETTER: Middle class had better lock down their bank accounts

Where is all the money going to come from to pay for all these freebies? Maybe free won’t end up being free after all. So who will pay when all is said and done?

LETTER: GOP claims in Silver State don’t hold water

I can guarantee that if Nevada had been called for Donald Trump, Adam Laxalt would not be saying a word about election integrity.