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LETTER: Sen. Manchin vs. Sen. Sanders

If this were 250 years ago, U.S. Sens. Joe Manchin and Bernie Sanders would settle their policy differences with pistols at dawn on the banks of the Potomac. If in Europe, it would be swords. Either way, civilizations have advanced, although I wouldn’t mind a public televised debate between the two titans of the Senate.

A West Virginia newspaper printed a letter from Sen. Sanders excoriating Sen. Manchin for clinging to his beliefs on Democratic policies for the $3.5 trillion social/infrastructure bill pushed by Sen. Sanders and his progressive wing of the party. Like the Bible said: Beware of wolves (socialists) dressed in sheep’s (moderates) clothing.

Of all places to print the letter. West Virginia? Now, we know why Sen. Sanders is still a senator from Vermont and never advanced farther in U.S. politics, while Sen. Manchin may very well go farther. Sadly, President Joe Biden sided with the wrong senator.

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LETTER: Punishing Nevada state workers for being unvaccinated

In my opinion, the state Public Employees’ Benefits Board is shortsighted and discriminatory in its punishment of employees who choose to forgo the COVID-19 vaccinations dictated by Gov. Steve Sisolak.

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Do NFR fans not have to adhere to the indoor mask mandate? Have they brought the COVID virus with them, and will they spread it to the locals that they come in contact with?

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Thank you for your important article on Nevada’s disgraceful involvement regarding the treatment of indigenous children.