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LETTER: No hate crime charges in Rancho High School death

A couple of takeaways from your Saturday article on the Rancho beating incident:

How are the police, et al., so certain that race was not a factor? Do they contend that the kids would have just as easily stolen from and attacked another Black kid with equal ferocity? Is it because no one yelled anything overtly racist at the time? I realize they want to keep a lid on things, but to say race had zero bearing seems a stretch.

Which brings me to the quote from UNLV Associate Professor Tyler Parry, who said he imagines there are “more instances at Rancho High School of white and Black kids getting along and having a certain sense of camaraderie.” I can’t help but wonder how much of the “camaraderie” angle he’d be endorsing if the sneaker were on the other foot.

And finally let’s not forget the quote from UNLV Associate Professor Katherine Lee, who said, “Race is an easy culprit in modern society.” As a white guy, all I can say is: Man you got that right.

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