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LETTER: Nevada’s legislative Democrats and the Electoral College

Why even vote for president now if you live in Nevada? Your vote will not count thanks to the Democrats in the Legislature. They just passed Assembly Bill 186 — aka the National Popular Vote Compact — that could ensure all of our presidential electoral votes go to the winner of the U.S. popular vote.

To some, that may sound great. But think about this: Every voter in Nevada could vote for Candidate A, and yet if Candidate B wins the U.S. popular vote, all of Nevada’s electoral votes would go to Candidate B.

Believe me when I say, be careful what you ask for, Democrats. Just because two recent presidential elections didn’t go your way is no reason to overturn more than 200 years of tradition. The founders called for the creation of the Electoral College so that less populated states such as Nevada would have a say. Well, no more.

There will come a day that the person who wins the popular vote is not your candidate, but mine. Will you then try to change the law again? This foolishness must stop.

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