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LETTER: Las Vegas businesses shouldn’t tolerate customers who ignor mask mandate

I counted 21 customers and two employees not wearing masks on a recent visit to a local Smith’s. Masks are currently mandated by law, so why were so many people not wearing them?

I asked a clerk at self check-out. In a scared voice, she told me how people have gotten physical and threatening in the past 18 months of COVID. I understand. I work retail as well. My co-workers have had ice thrown at them, and I’ve been cussed out and degraded numerous times. Nonetheless we require masks. Why can’t other businesses?

Based on what the check-out lady told me, many employees don’t have support. Why aren’t members of management personally enforcing mask rules for people who give their team trouble and asking them to leave if necessary? Why aren’t they empowering workers to enforce the mandate? Why aren’t they requiring it at the door? This is the fault of managers, not of employees, the governor or the president. Masking is the law. Enforce it.

And for those who dislike the policy, get over it. Do you want 20 patrons happy and 80 at risk for COVID? You choose.

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