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LETTER: Las Vegans get their city back now that Grand Prix is over

Now that Formula One weekend is over, Las Vegans are breathing a collective sigh of relief that we will get our city back — at least until the NFL and the Super Bowl take over in February.

I hope the economic impact on Las Vegas will meet expectations. Unfortunately, those of us who have been inconvenienced for more than six months by the Formula One construction and preparation likely won’t see a penny of that expected $1.3 billion.

However, there is a way to spread the wealth. I suggest sending each of the 2.4 million residents of Clark County a $400 check, similar to the stimulus checks we received during COVID. And, if my math is correct, there would still be about $340 million for county officials to spend in whatever corrupt way they want.

Personally, I’d put my $400 toward a vacation far away from Vegas during next year’s F1 race.

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