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LETTER: Driving tips for Las Vegans

There was a recent report I saw on TV about aggressive driving. It reminded people not to engage with such drivers and to avoid eye contact. However, we need to also avoid the things that make other drivers upset. Mostly, this means paying attention to your driving and having some consideration for other drivers.

Start up as soon as the light turns green (with a quick look for red-light runners), don’t drive much below the speed limit and leave the left lane for people who are passing. On multi-lane streets, don’t move into the right lane at stoplights unless you are turning right on red. Look ahead for cars turning onto or off of your street so you aren’t forced to brake hard at the last minute. Plan ahead so you are ready to turn where you need to, instead of cutting off other cars when you suddenly realize you’re about to miss your turn.

And don’t get mad at aggressive drivers; they’ll end up in jail or the morgue soon enough.

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