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LETTER: Biden can blame himself for his low approval ratings

Repeatedly, I have seen the concept espoused that President Joe Biden’s popularity rating would be higher if he did a better job marketing his successes.

Honestly, if you defined the leadership of our nation over the past year as a success, it would be the greatest fictional account of the century.

This extends miles past partisan politics. It is a travesty that we have elected leaders who defend the actions taken so far.

It’s time for President Joe Biden to stop blaming Donald Trump. These failures are his failures. He should be embarrassed and ashamed.

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LETTER: Another mass shooting

How long before we hear Alex Jones claim that the children and adults killed in the Texas gun massacre were actors?

LETTER: Texas school shooting hits close to home

Wednesday morning, we received the news that one of our great-grandsons was too frightened to go to school. Too bad all senators and representatives did not get that same call.