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Las Vegas needs cameras to deter crazy drivers

Hardly a day passes that I don’t see, read or hear about a fatal traffic accident on the “speedways” in Clark County. While most crashes do not result in death or injury, all seem to have been caused by either speeding or driving under the influence of some substance.

It is unconscionable that speed limit signs are apparently viewed as roadside ornaments rather than rules to be obeyed. It is more the norm than an exception to see drivers whiz by you at speeds of 20 mph or more above the posted limit. And, of course, red light runners and drivers who zig in and out of traffic have to be included in the mix of flagrant traffic law violators.

How many more deaths and disabling injuries will it take before our elected officials have the fortitude to enact legislation allowing the installation of speed and red light cameras to help stem traffic fatalities? While these measures may not be a cure-all, they, along with zero tolerance of infractions by police, will send the right message to speeders: Slow down so you and others may live.

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