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Don’t blame the Nevada Department of Transportation for underused HOV lanes

Your Friday editorial criticizing the Nevada Department of Transportation was out of line (“The HOV folly”). If the HOV lanes are underutilized, then whose fault is that? Not the department’s. It is the fault of the people who insist on driving alone, even if they could do otherwise.

The Review-Journal should encourage people to use the HOV lanes, not criticize NDOT.

We do not have major traffic congestion here in Las Vegas, and NDOT deserves some credit for keeping it so. After a recent visit to Houston, I will never complain about Vegas traffic again. Any congestion issues here are relegated to just a few spots in the metro area and can be easily avoided.

You want to see real traffic problems? Go to any other big city in the United States, and you will see total gridlock throughout entire cities and their suburbs. Observe just about all of Southern California and anywhere from the Baltimore/D.C. area north to Boston.

NDOT officials are working to keep Vegas from being like that. Give them credit.

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