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Nevada MIA families still seeking loved ones’ remains

More than 130 family members of missing military personnel from four states met in Las Vegas on Saturday to remember their loved ones and meet with Department of Defense staff to discuss finding and recovering remains from battlefields going back to World War II.

Nevada GOP drops platforms against abortions, gay marriage, endorses Sandoval

Amid raucous debate, Nevada Republican Party conventioneers on Saturday stripped opposition to gay marriage and abortion from the party platform and endorsed Gov. Brian Sandoval for governor in the June 10 primary despite misgivings by conservatives, his criticism of the process and his absence from the meeting.

‘Good progress’ in cattle roundup to decelerate

The federal roundup of Cliven Bundy’s cattle in northeastern Clark County was expected to take up to a month. In the first seven days, contract cowboys collected almost 400 animals. But while federal officials believe they have made “good progress” so far, they also agree with the embattled rancher and his family about one thing: Bringing in the rest of the cattle won’t be easy quite so easy.

Sands COO: Feds want Internet gaming to get the taxes

The president and chief operating officer of Sheldon Adelson’s Las Vegas Sands Corp. said Friday he believes U.S. officials want Internet gaming to be legal so the Internal Revenue Service can collect taxes to fund a federal government whose spending is out of control.

Collins manages to insult Utahns with comments on Bundy roundup

The Clark County Commission is taking a look at the decorum of Commissioner Tom Collins, who fears the dispute at Cliven Bundy’s ranch that has drawn protesters from other states might turn violent and isn’t afraid to be frank about his warning.

Nevada GOP conventioneers upset that Sandoval won’t be there

Republicans who plan to attend this weekend’s Nevada GOP state convention are upset that Gov. Brian Sandoval is skipping the event and snubbing the party’s effort to offer pre-primary candidate endorsements.

Utah brothers detained by feds for crossing ‘trespass cattle’ area

Two brothers from St. George, Utah, were detained and cited by federal authorities Thursday afternoon as they crossed into an area closed for the ongoing roundup of “trespass cattle” on public land in northeastern Clark County.

DOE making ‘steady progress’ on stalled uranium burial in Nevada

The Department of Energy is making “steady progress” on a stalled plan to transport potent uranium waste from Tennessee for burial in Nevada, and hopes to begin shipments later this year, a DOE official reported to Congress this week.

Nevadans using special enrollment period for health insurance

The board of the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange received fresh statistics on new members that have signed up so far in a 60-day special enrollment session that began April 1.

Bundy vs. BLM: Interest in cattle dispute widens

The Bureau of Land Management quietly dismantled its so-called “First Amendment areas” in northeastern Clark County on Thursday, as the fight over Cliven Bundy’s cattle widened into a national debate about states’ rights and federal land-use policy.

Longtime Nevada Assembly Speaker Joe Dini dies at age 85

Former Assembly Speaker Joe Dini of Yerington, who presided over the Assembly for a record eight terms in a career that began in 1967, died Thursday. He was 85.

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