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John Asay

Golf pros predict game will only grow in 2013

I thought a look ahead at the world of golf in Las Vegas for 2013 would be appropriate. The world did not end in December as some thought the Mayans predicted, and we had one foot dangling in thin air with the fiscal cliff. What’s next? A zombie uprising?

Golf gifts include gags, gear, get-ups

I bet the question on everybody’s mind right now is: What the heck do I get the golfer in my life for Christmas? OK, maybe some folks are wondering that.

TPC Summerlin holds you to pro standards

We’re lucky to have two TPC courses in Las Vegas. The shining star, however, is TPC Summerlin, 1700 Village Center Circle, home to the just-finished Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospital for Children Open.

Nine times the fun equals wacky memories

Let’s talk wacky golf stuff: unusual experiences that happen on the golf course; memories that will last a long time; stories you’ll tell for years and years; or stories you’ll bury forever.

Book sings the praises of 1960s amateur golfer

So, what’s the greatest major championship ever played? My choice is the 2000 U.S. Open played at Pebble with Tiger winning by 15. My friend’s is the 1960 U. S. Open played at Cherry Hills Country Club in Colorado. What?

Living on course requires some concessions

The old saying, or a derivative of it, goes, “Be careful what you wish for; you just might get it.” Let’s alter it a bit: “Be careful what you aspire to materialistically; it might be expensive.”

Wildhorse is on the list of old friends to visit

I’m guessing you are a lot like me: got to try new things, experience new environs, keep things fresh. But when that new restaurant or store opens, we’re there. Same goes with golf courses.

Arroyo offers passionate players positive experience

Question for all the golfers out there: How dedicated, really, are you to the game of golf? Do you play every week, maybe twice, and feel cheated if you don’t?

Doodads, advice abound for women golfers – and everyone else, too

Over the course of time, I receive a mishmash of emails concerning the golf industry, new equipment, gadgets, ideas and theories to improve play. These past few months have been exceedingly interesting with what’s going on in our world of golf.

Harnessing paranormal activity for golf improvement proves tricky

According to “Reader’s Digest Universal Dictionary,” a superstition is an unfounded belief that some action or circumstance completely unrelated to a course of events can influence its outcome. I’m just like most golfers. Maybe a little bit more out of round, but who’s counting?

Old course gets new life — and a new name

Do courses have their own muscle memory, or can an old dog learn new tricks at the beefed-up and beautified Stallion Mountain Golf Club?

Golfers’ resolutions all over the course

I surveyed some of my cohorts, colleagues and cronies to see what their resolution concerning golf for 2012 might be.