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John Asay

Avila Beach a funky, oil-free getaway

Always write to the most common denominator. General interest, appeal to the masses. That’s what I was told when I started this writing gig.

Meet Mike Jaime: world champion

Meet Mike Jaime: 62 years old, 5 feet, 8 inches and 208 pounds.

Skincare counts for the golfers, too

“It’s like poking a hole in a Picasso.” — John Asay, Oct. 30, 2013.

Achieve one fantasy by attending the Long Drive Championship

I guess you could say this is my tribute to fantasy columns for the year. Not your usual version of fantasy sports but more selfishly: my fantasy golf dreams. things I can only fantasize about the game. I have two. I’m not delirious.

Don’t let overseeding ruin your chance at bad play

I don’t know if you have noticed what’s happening to golf in the valley. It’s frightening: shutting down golf courses, turning players away with no other alternative than to go bowling. It is not a pretty sight.

Understanding handicap system, course rating is rocket science

I recently spoke with Eric Yaillen, the executive director of the Southern Nevada Golf Association. The topics of our conversation have been the USGA handicap system, how to establish a course rating and what the heck a slope measures.

Classic golf tournament swings us down memory lane

The Heritage Classic, a 1920s-style hickory stick golf tournament, was on June 22 at Eagle Crest Golf Club, 2203 Thomas W. Ryan Blvd., a 4,067-yard par-60 layout and perfect for nostalgia.

Refresh your marriage with a golf trip to Lake Tahoe

Alpine skiing. Alpine lake. Alpine forest. Alpine lodging. How about Alpine golf? Even better, how about a trip for both you and the wife?

Boulder Creek a challenging course even without the wind

There it was: the highway sign, flashing urgently. High wind on the Hoover Dam Bypass bridge. Use caution. Ordinarily no big deal, but today we were headed to Boulder City to play a round of golf at Boulder City Golf Course.