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Victor Joecks

Twitter: @victorjoecks

Victor Joecks is a Review-Journal columnist who explores and explains policy issues three days a week in the Opinion section. Previously he served as the executive vice president of the Nevada Policy Research Institute. Victor is also a staff sergeant in Nevada National Guard. Originally from Washington state, Victor received his bachelor’s degree from Hillsdale College.

The Latest
Moonlighting public defender blocks justice

There’s a public defender in charge of Assembly Judiciary, and he’s preventing proposals by Nevada’s Attorney General to help veterans and victims of rape, domestic violence and human trafficking from even getting hearings.

Sandoval’s Medicaid moves hurting Heller

Nevada Sen. Dean Heller is in a no-win situation on the repeal and replacement of Obamacare, and his fellow Republican, Gov. Brian Sandoval, keeps putting him in the hot seat.

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