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Past sad prologue

With apologies to Robert Lang, whose Chamber of Commerce Preview presentation last week took a look back at the state from the vantage of 2031.

Who would Jesus tax?

Add Jesus Christ to the list of President Barack Obama’s economic advisers.

Paul sees opportunity even as government expands

It’s an almost immutable law of nature that government tends toward expansion, not contraction, absent a seminal event such as a revolution.

No Mack attack

Look out, old Macky’s back!

Dodging a bullet

Although Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the decision to postpone a scheduled Tuesday vote on the Protect I.P. Act (PIPA) reluctantly, he still did the right thing.

New DA, whoever he is, must do the right thing

There’s really no way to tell what any of the finalists to replace former District Attorney David Roger would do when confronted with a bad police shooting, at least not until they’re in the job.

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