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Fighting, and losing, the battles of yesterday

Let me see if I have this right: Mitt Romney tells everybody who will stand still for a few minutes that he’s against the government giving away “free stuff.” He did it most recently Wednesday evening to an audience in Montana.

Good luck, Tick!

It’s bill-writing time! While it seems like just yesterday the 2011 Legislature adjourned, it’s already time for the intrepid Legislative Counsel Bureau to start posting the requests lawmakers and committees have made for new laws to be considered during the 2013 session.

What do I really want our country to be?

Recently on Facebook, I noticed a post from a conservative friend: “I would like someone out there to ask an ACLU-loving, radical liberal what they [sic] really want our country to be. It would be very interesting to hear it from their own lips what their twisted view of freedom is!”

The very dark side of health care reform

I don’t know about you readers, but I’ll be watching tomorrow’s health care decision with more than just professional interest.

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