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Michael Ramirez

Michael Ramirez

Review-Journal editorial cartoonist Michael Ramirez is a two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize and a three-time winner of the Sigma Delta Chi Award.

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CARTOON: An invitation to Putin.

The White House sought to clarify President Biden’s “minor incursion” comments that seemed to condone a limited Russian invasion of Ukraine.

CARTOON: Lots of bull

President Joe Biden ran on the platform to unite the country, yet his rhetoric undermines that pledge.

CARTOON: Hello, Mickey Mouse

The Biden administration faces more criticism for its COVID operations, as former health officials call for a change in strategy and Kamala Harris stumbles in her response.

CARTOON: Partisan fire

In a misleading voting rights speech, President Joe Biden advocates federalizing elections and undermines faith in our electoral system.

CARTOON: Open season

With violent crime in New York City surging, the Manhattan DA sends a message to criminals that there will be few consequence for their illegal activity.

CARTOON: Power grab

Democrats vow to change Senate rules to accommodate a radical and unconstitutional “voting rights” bill that federalizes control of voting and elections.

CARTOON: Bad memories

Vice President Kamala Harris said “there is a level of malaise” in the country, resurrecting a term associated with the failed one-term Carter administration.

CARTOON: More time off

The Chicago teachers union votes to shut down schools even though studies show that closing campuses harms children and that there is little risk to kids or vaccinated teachers.

CARTOON: A big stain

At the one year anniversary of the Jan. 6 Capitol riots, the GOP continues to pretend it never happened, undermining the party’s credibility with voters.

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