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Zoom outages cause global complications

Zoom experienced partial outages during the first day of school for thousands of students who are relying on the video conferencing technology to connect with educators.

People-stoked witch’s brew behind California fires

“California has a really flammable ecosystem,” says University of Colorado fire scientist Jennifer Balch. “People are living in flammable places, providing ignition, starting the wildfires against a backdrop of a warming climate that is making wildfires worse.”

Couple spots ‘fire tornado’ at Nevada-California border

A fire burning near the border turned into an even scarier scene. Nevadan KateLynn Hewlett snapped a photo showing the tornado striking through the Loyalton Fire.

Zombie cicadas haven’t been found in Nevada. Yet.

A “mind-control” fungus found in cicadas forces males to mimic female mating behavior and spread infection and has been seen in populations across the U.S.

Nevada’s wild rabbits also facing deadly virus, pandemic

New to the United States, rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus, or RHDV2, is extremely contagious and could devastate wild rabbit populations without intervention.

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