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Clark County COVID-19 numbers finish week with another increase

New cases were well above the 14-day moving average, which increased by four to 328. Deaths were more than three times the moving average, which held steady at four fatalities per day.

Kids’ turn arrives for COVID-19 shots

Schoolchildren who got their first COVID-19 shots Wednesday said these are the pleasures they look forward to as the U.S. enters a major new phase in fighting the pandemic.

COVID-19 shots for kids 5 to 11 approved by US

U.S. health officials on Tuesday gave the final signoff to Pfizer’s kid-size COVID-19 shot, a major expansion of the nation’s vaccination campaign.

FDA delaying decision on Moderna shot for adolescents

U.S. regulators are delaying their decision on Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine for 12- to 17-year-olds while they study the rare risk of heart inflammation, the company said Sunday.

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