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Bernie Sanders wins Nevada caucuses, takes national lead

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders cruised to a commanding victory Saturday in the Nevada Democratic caucuses, cementing his status as the frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination heading into next week’s primary in South Carolina.

Nevada GOP binds delegates to Trump

The Nevada Republican Central Committee Saturday voted to bind its delegates to President Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention, bypassing traditional caucuses in a money-saving move.

Nevada Democratic volunteer raises concerns with caucus plans

A volunteer said he brought concerns over the Democratic party’s caucus plans into the open to spur officials into sharing more information and being more open with the public.

Joe Biden worried about accuracy of Nevada caucuses

Former Vice President Joe Biden expressed doubt about whether the Nevada caucuses will go smoothly, adding that he believes the American people are finished with the caucus system.

Nevada caucuses hold key to state’s political future

The 2020 Nevada Democratic caucus arrives Saturday, at the tail end of a week in which the Silver State has briefly become the center of the political universe.

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