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For an athlete, being on the outside looking in has to be the worst feeling in the world.

This Dream Team will come up golden

Chris Paul probably wasn’t the best person to ask about size, because the 6-footer spends most of his time on the court trying to avoid the big guys instead of trying to act like one. Besides, he’s got other things on his mind this week, including impressing Mike Krzyzewski enough to secure the backup spot to Jason Kidd as the U.S. point guard in Beijing.

Henderson firm helps U.S. athletes say ‘ni hao’

International travelers know the scenario: The hapless foreigner wants to ask locals where he’ll find a bus stop, but thanks to his mangled translation, he inadvertently queries about the nearest whorehouse. Hilarity ensues, unless he’s in Pahrump or Amsterdam.

Kidd still has youthful energy

Nobody on Team USA is going to tell Jason Kidd to act his age. Especially when he’s having so much fun playing basketball — and playing at such a high level.

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