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What’s in a name for a student paper?

In reference to the article in Tuesday’s Review-Journal, “UNLV student newspaper removes Rebel Yell name”:

I would like to know how changing the name from Rebel Yell to Scarlet &Gray Free Press is any improvement? I know that college students’ knowledge of U.S. history is rather dismal, but — in case they didn’t know — scarlet and gray were the colors of the old Confederacy. Nevada was part of the Union and not the Confederacy.

I don’t understand this attachment to the Civil War South. It’s time to make a clean break from any and all references to the Confederacy. How about Battle Born or Union Forever as the name for the student newspaper?

Larry Fahey


Hillary’s guts

I could not agree more with the Monday letter to the Review-Journal by Anne Stephen (“Why are Trump supporters complaining?”). Hillary Clinton was treated horribly during the election process. I supported her in 2008 as well as this time around. Mrs. Clinton showed a lot of guts going up against Bernie Sanders in the primaries and Donald Trump in the election.

Mr. Trump may be the president-elect but he behaves like a spoiled brat in middle school. I firmly believe that in a short amount of time he is going to regret winning the electoral votes and becoming president. His and his family’s every move will be monitored 24/7 by the Secret Service as well as the media. Nothing will be private anymore for him or his family.

We can hope only that our country won’t end up in a pile of cinders from a nuclear attack or in the grip of a depression.

Candy L. Nolan

North Las Vegas

High life

Wayne Allyn Root’s Sunday column, “The American Dream — ruined,” prompted me to write.

Mr. Root writes of living on the beach in Malibu with the waves literally running under his home — and when he got tired of that, he moved on up to another house in Malibu, this time one on stilts. He talks about living the American Dream. Only in America was that life possible for a “blue-collar” son of a butcher. Well, his father may have been a blue-collar worker, but by definition I don’t believe he is.

Mr. Root says he was tired of being persecuted by the state of California. Persecuted? Really?

Then he wrote, “What hope is there for the rest of us?” I don’t think he is talking about having the average “Joe” included in the “us.” I believe he is talking about the people like himself — the affluent who have money and want to keep it. It certainly isn’t me or the people I know — or the vast majority of the people walking the streets in Nevada or California.

Terrance M. Stark


Counting out

Jill Stein and the Green Party are spending millions of dollars trying to order recounts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan. Why are they neglecting to check noncitizens who voted in California, Nevada and other states that do not require ID to vote?

Let’s make the count really legal.

Max Goldstein

Las Vegas

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