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Truth about Democrats comes out during State of the Union address

I watched the State of the Union address Tuesday night, and, regrettably, the truth did come out.

I watched as the Democratic representatives sat on their collective hands when actual good news was brought before them. They proved for all that the lowest unemployment rate ever for African-Americans means nothing to them. It was the same with the Hispanic figures.

On the Dreamer issue, the president upset a portion of his base by offering more than double the number of amnesties that his predecessor offered. Still, the Democrats were silent in spite of this generous offer. These are huge steps toward goals for which the Democrats claim to be working.

To be sure, we have been a divided nation before, and it cost us dearly in blood and treasure. Since then, we thought we had learned to work together even if we disagreed with each other. We did not orchestrate hate and divisiveness, until now.

Talk from Democrats about bipartisanship and moving the country forward is just that — talk. They just want power at all costs.

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