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Tracking, documentation will solve immigrant problem

To the editor: My solution to immigration: Let birthright citizenship apply only to immigrants with valid immigration visas. As I said before: Let them all in with proper documentation. We are all human beings and we all deserve a better life than what we have. So closing the border is not the answer.

We had chance to diversify

To the editor: In response to your Thursday editorial on economic diversification: We sure missed a great opportunity to diversify the Southern Nevada economy when we chased away the Yucca Mountain Project. I wonder how many residents realize that we literally terminated 2,000 high-paying (average $100,000-a-year) jobs?

IN RESPONSE: Vouchers a bad idea

To the editor: A recent opinion piece in the Review-Journal touted the benefits of a voucher system for public school students. The folly of such an idea has been demonstrated time after time in schools across the nation. Voucher systems simply do not work. They create more bureaucracy, open the system to legal action and do not improve student opportunities or test scores. Let’s examine some of the major points against a school voucher system.

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