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Obama administration is anti-success

To the editor:

I had to laugh at the comments from Phyllis Collins (Thursday letter) regarding Steve Wynn and her disdain for his success. Like Steve Wynn, I, too, am a successful business owner, and like Steve Wynn, I will not expand “in the current political climate in this country.”

Steve Wynn is in shock at the obvious disdain President Barack Obama has for successful people in this country, wanting to take what they have earned and redistribute it to those who choose to sponge off the government.

Why would Steve Wynn expand? Why should I expand? We have an administration that is anti-success.



Still spending

To the editor:

Having been out of town, I arrived home to read the Review-Journal, and what do I read? Dina Titus is running again for Congress. Can’t she just stay home and enjoy her buyout money from UNLV and all her other pension checks from the taxpayers of Nevada?

She definitely did not help me one bit while she was in Congress. Her vote for ObamaCare was a nail in my coffin. Did the seniors in this country want ObamaCare? A big no. Ms. Titus will continue the Democrat “spend, spend and spend again” philosophy if elected back to Congress.



Middle class

To the editor:

I am becoming increasingly frustrated and disappointed in my government officials.

The debt ceiling must be raised, but as usual, the only plan that may have a chance of passing puts the burden — the whole burden — on the middle class.

Lowering taxes on the wealthy and corporations, in any way, is a slap in the face to the majority of people. All government officials are supposed to work for the middle class. How can this even be an option?

Instead of raising taxes on the rich and the corporations who pay almost nothing, politicians are trying to take away the few tax benefits afforded to the middle class — again. This is outrageous.

The wealthy and small businesses are not job creators, at least not since Bill Clinton was in the White House. They are just stashing their cash and making themselves wealthier. The more money the wealthy make and accumulate, the less everyone else’s money is worth. As a middle-class American, I feel betrayed.

Promises, priorities and changes that so many of us counted on to undo the devastating policies and arrogant decisions made by the Bush administration have not been fulfilled. The right wing (tea party) attempts to privatize this country’s most important social programs and to make average Americans pay for services that true leaders like FDR put in place. It shows that America has become a greedy, winner-take-all, every-man-for-himself society.

Lisa Dasunta


Free food

To the editor:

Maybe Rosemary’s — the upscale Las Vegas restaurant that closed this month — can follow in the footsteps of the SAME (So All May Eat) Restaurant in Denver. They weren’t prospering with their regular establishment, so they opened a restaurant which relies on donations only. Those who can afford it pay what they feel the meal is worth.

The regular customers were glad they didn’t have to close. If a person can’t pay, he washes dishes or mops the floor, etc.

The restaurant is thriving, which tells you a lot about human nature.

Carolyn Bradley

Bullhead City, Ariz.

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