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LETTER: Which is scarier on Halloween? Mask or no mask?

Regarding “Boo! Or Boo-Hoo?” by Jason Bracelin in the Sunday Review-Journal: It used to be that a kid in a costume and a scary mask would go trick-or-treating and scare homeowners and renters with his ghoulish garb. Today, however, if he goes out without a mask, he’s likely to cause a heart attack to candy-givers.

What strange times.

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LETTER: Middle class had better lock down their bank accounts

Where is all the money going to come from to pay for all these freebies? Maybe free won’t end up being free after all. So who will pay when all is said and done?

LETTER: GOP claims in Silver State don’t hold water

I can guarantee that if Nevada had been called for Donald Trump, Adam Laxalt would not be saying a word about election integrity.