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LETTER: Voter plans to sit this election out

I regret to inform President Donald Trump, Joe Biden, my congressman and my senators that I am no longer going to vote. Thank you for letting me down, not doing your job and, more importantly, lying to me and the public. I have watched over the years how my vote doesn’t matter or count. It seems the Electoral College votes for me. It appears that in order to be a “good” politician, you just have to lie. So, good luck. You’re going to need it. If you want my vote call me. We’ll talk.

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LETTER: COVID numbers meaningless without perspective

Your Oct. 21 story “Reported positivity number erroneous” demonstrates the difficulties of interpreting data available to the general public.

LETTER: Nevada needs a plan to boost electric car sales

This is an opportunity for Nevada to combine its climate strategy with efforts to rebuild its economy.

LETTER: Nevada’s Keystone Kops bureaucracy

Gov. Steve Sisolak seems to do a good job telling everyone how to avoid getting COVID. but his agencies are inefficient at best and incompetent at worst.