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LETTER: Victorville to Vegas train project is derailed

Your Nov. 19 editorial on the proposed rail line from Las Vegas to Victorville for a cost of $8 billion for 180 miles of track got me to do the math. That’s more than $44 million a mile. Maybe now that Donald Trump will have some free time on his hands we could ask him to renegotiate this deal.

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LETTER: Politicians owe allegiance to the Constitution

Apparently, letter writer Carmine DiFazio forgets that our representatives and senators first and foremost owe their loyalty to the Constitution of the United States.

LETTER: In praise of Sheldon Adelson

The list of Dr. Miriam and Sheldon Adelson’s good deeds and contributions are too epic in scope, content and import to recount here.

LETTER: COVID vaccines and age

No one’s life is any more important than any other in this battle.