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LETTER: Unvaccinated cops, health care workers endanger those they’re supposed to protect

Is there any chance you could inquire of those in the local police department and/or public health workers how, if some of their members are unvaccinated, those members are supposed to interact with members of the public, many of whom have health problems or are elderly? How does an unvaccinated officer, who may be contagious even if he is asymptomatic, protect such a person? The same question applies to unvaccinated health care workers.

Perhaps one of those unvaccinated in these two groups, or a representative of their group, could explain how that is supposed to work? Or does their freedom and body autonomy take precedence over the health and lives of those whom they are paid to “help”?

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LETTER: Do families separated at the border deserve compensation?

Some people think that giving money to immigrants who entered this country illegally and were separated from their children is the right thing to do. What about separated families of other lawbreakers?