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LETTER: The demise of the movie theater

Megan McArdle got it right in assuming the movie business as we know it will go the way of the Dodo bird (“The final curtain,” Wednesday commentary). We’ve known that for years now. The COVID pandemic will ring the final death knell to the theatre industry. But wait … all is not lost. We can watch movies again in the comfort of our own homes as the industry sends its product to our TV screens. Best of all, Blockbuster will re-emerge on the scene. Sounds like old times.

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LETTER: Donald Trump only 2 points down in Nevada?

Two leading polling sources — fivethirtyeight.com and NYT Upshot, both of which include the RJ poll in their results — show a significantly better forecast for Mr. Biden.

LETTER: A tale of 2 taxing philosophies

During the past four years, we have all witnessed the difference in the two opposed political philosophies of heavy taxation on corporations vs. less taxation on corporations

LETTER: The Save Our Stages act

Is entertainment really a priority during pandemic?