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LETTER: The coronavirus and the presidential election

I’m laughing to myself (chillingly; not in the good way) while reading all the articles about the USA’s pending “second wave” of the coronavirus. Folks, to have a “second wave,” the first wave has to end. We are not going to have a “second wave” — our continuing “first wave” is just going to keep getting worse and worse.

We can all safely ignore every single other political issue going into this predictably hostile election – the Supreme Court, unemployment, the economy, the national debt, martians in Area 51 … whatever — none of them is as important as handling health care and the pandemic.

So if you want an administration that will try its best to get that one issue back to where it belongs — the No. 1 priority of a national program using science and experts cooperatively with government — vote for Joe Biden.

If you want more of the same old thing of ignoring science, marginalizing the experts, ignoring 200,000-plus deaths going toward 500,000 to 1 million (my opinion) in the United States alone and leaving the states and you to fend for yourself), vote for Donald Trump.

I understand many tens of thousands more people will die even if Mr. Biden wins and starts working rationally to address this issue. The flip side is that Mr. Trump, from the very moment his re-election becomes official, will be spending every single day trying to find a way around the 22nd Amendment and the two-term presidential limit.

And please remember Mr. Trump has already told you he will do so by “negotiating a third term in office.”

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