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LETTER: Taking shots at Donald Trump for trying to save our cities

Syndicated columnist Clarence Page has taken time out of his busy day to pile on with those who are attacking our president (July 31 Review-Journal). One of his barbs toward President Donald Trump was to chastise him for sending in federal agents to American cities in crisis. Perhaps Mr. Page hasn’t been watching TV or reading the Review-Journal lately.

Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago and others are collapsing under the weight of antifa mobs and gangs that are burning, looting and vandalizing, all in the name of “lawful” protesting.

The Democratic leadership in all of the aforementioned cities gives tacit approval to this assault on our Constitution. Mr. Page himself sides with Portland’s local officials when they condemn the president’s actions.

I guess Mr. Page didn’t see Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, who marched with the “protesters” as they burned down Portland.

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