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LETTER: RJ columnist illuminates reasons to vote for the president

Thank you for Victor Joecks’ excellent column in Sunday’s Viewpoints section explaining why he will reluctantly support President Donald Trump. In this politically charged world, it is hard to know whom to believe. One side says something, and the other says they are lying. Mr. Joecks hit on a lot of the issues under question. I thank him for clearing out some of the weeds.

I, too, think President Trump forgot manners and how to be nice somewhere along the way. But, as Mr. Joecks pointed out, I am not voting for Homecoming king. On the issues I feel most strongly about (alphabetically below), Mr. Trump’s policies seem to have it mostly right:

Abortion: The one group that will never have its own political voice is unborn children.

Economy: Let people earn an honest living with as little government interference as reasonable.

Immigration: It should be fair, consistent, legal and humane.

Middle East and China policy: I believe the greatest international threats to my children’s generation will depend upon it.

Racial injustice: Equal treatment and opportunity for everyone. When we give any one group special privileges, it will always backfire into something wrong and divisive.

Religious freedom: Freedom for all to practice our religion not to be a country free from religion.

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