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LETTER: Plate scofflaws costing Nevada a lot of money

During my routine drives around the valley, I have noticed a large number of vehicles on the road that either don’t have a visible license plate or have an expired plate. To my surprise, this is not limited to older cars. I see this on newer luxury vehicles such as Teslas and expensive high-end trucks.

I understand the delays at the DMV due to the pandemic, but I think that issue is history. Many of my friends and family have been able to register their cars with relative ease recently. I believe that many individuals are gaming the state by not registering their vehicles and using the pandemic to avoid paying for plates.

I recently noticed two vehicles parked at the same address that have “Texas Buyer’s” tags on them. I then checked with the Texas DMV and was informed that neither tag matched the vehicle on which it’s currently displayed. I called a local Metro police substation to report the bogus plates and was informed that Metro would act only if the driver were pulled over for a traffic violation.

Is any agency taking any action against those individuals not properly registering their vehicles?

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LETTER: Punishing Nevada state workers for being unvaccinated

In my opinion, the state Public Employees’ Benefits Board is shortsighted and discriminatory in its punishment of employees who choose to forgo the COVID-19 vaccinations dictated by Gov. Steve Sisolak.

LETTER: NFR is indeed a benefit to Las Vegas … or is it?

Do NFR fans not have to adhere to the indoor mask mandate? Have they brought the COVID virus with them, and will they spread it to the locals that they come in contact with?

LETTER: The abuses of indigeneous children

Thank you for your important article on Nevada’s disgraceful involvement regarding the treatment of indigenous children.