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LETTER: Overpopulation is the real problem

Interesting stance on the need for more kids (Victor Joecks column, Jan. 18).

First of all, Elon Musk can agree as he has five kids. Of course, being a multi-billionaire, he can afford to care for them. Not everyone can afford children, and if they have them, care could be a problem. I continually read about child poverty and hunger because the parents are struggling. This problem is worldwide.

On the other hand, the pope says we need more kids. Well, how many children will the pope, the cardinals and the Catholic priests and nuns have? Easy to say someone else has to solve the problem when it does not affect you.

The world, in my opinion, is becoming overpopulated, especially in poorer countries. If we continue to add to the population, poverty and starvation will increase. Do we really need to have a birth rate that replenishes or increases the population?

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