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LETTER: Nevada’s Keystone Kops bureaucracy

I sent my automobile registration renewal forms by mail to the DMV on Aug. 27. When I didn’t receive a reply within a month, I completed my renewal online and was charged a $16 late fee. On Oct. 21, almost two months later, my mail application was returned to me by the DMV stating that I had already registered my car online. I was initially early, but because of their slow response, I registered my car online and was charged a late fee. I did this to avoid driving an unregistered car.

I tried to contact the DMV, but I couldn’t get through. Of course they will blame COVID for the delay.

Also, regarding the state Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation: A relative of mine is collecting unemployment in Maine. She received the full six weeks of President Donald Trump’s $300 supplemental unemployment payments several weeks ago. Here in Nevada, these supplemental payments have barely begun.

Gov. Steve Sisolak seems to do a good job telling everyone how to avoid getting COVID. but his agencies are inefficient at best and incompetent at worst. Take your pick. Lastly, how do I get my $16 late fee back, and how do I send the DMV my late fee charge?

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