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LETTER: Nevada should make home COVID tests free

If the state of Nevada wants to reduce the spread of COVID, might I suggest using some of the money from the CARES Act that the federal government has given to the state, to make at-home test kits free and easily available to all who would like them. I believe most people would stay home and away from others if they tested positive. New Hampshire has recently put this into action, so maybe we can follow its lead.

This could benefit the entire state of Nevada and beyond.

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LETTER: More evidence we must deal with global warming

The numbers: 1.86 inches of rain, 87 days of temperatures above 100 degrees and 117 degrees, the hottest temperature ever recorded in Las Vegas.

LETTER: Jan. 6 and conspiracies

The only people “killing each other on Jan. 6, 2021” was an unnamed Black police officer killing an unarmed white woman.