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LETTER: Nevada is in play this election

Nevada is a battleground state for the presidency. Americans have elected 20 presidents since 1908: 12 Republicans and eight Democrats. In all except two, Nevada backed the winner. In 1976, Nevada voted for Gerald Ford over Jimmy Carter and, in 2016, it chose Hillary Clinton.

Nevada’s record is self-evident and the reason President Donald Trump believes he can secure the state’s six electoral votes in 2020. But President Trump must get not only the Nevadans who voted for him in 2016 but also those who didn’t.

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LETTER: Let’s teach our children how to be civil

I believe Martin Luther King Jr. knew that peaceful demonstration and dialogue in race issues was the way to move ahead and solve problems.

LETTER: Driving tips for Las Vegans

Don’t get mad at aggressive drivers; they’ll end up in jail or the morgue soon enough.

LETTER: Violence and the Portland protests

These “protesters” are exactly like internet trolls, letting their true selves shine through while operating under a cloak of anonymity.

LETTER: Airlines want another federal bailout

These are some thoughts regarding the airline CEOs visiting the White House begging for funds to bail them out.

LETTER: Voter plans to sit this election out

I have watched over the years how my vote doesn’t matter or count. It seems the Electoral College votes for me.