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LETTER: Nancy Pelosi’s nefarious plan

Updated October 16, 2020 - 10:52 pm

Recently, the coiffure queen, Nancy Pelosi, stated that the Democrats still had arrows in the quiver to respond to the GOP’s plans regarding the election, the Supreme Court appointment and the like. I cannot determine whether her attempt to undermine the 25th Amendment is an arrow or paper clip to launch from a rubber band.

Her plan seems to be a more efficient way to remove a sitting president from office due to incompetence, given that the existing procedure is rather involved. She wants to streamline it. Excusing Donald Trump, the only likely target would be Joe Biden, if elected. I can think of three logical reasons the Democrats would like this option.

First, Mr. Biden was not their first choice, but he got the delegates. However, his gaffes and memory lapses could put the party in a bad light. This measure would put his removal at the hands if an appointed committee.

Secondly, the vice president, Kamala Harris, would assume the presidency. The Dems would like this because it would put the first black woman in the Oval Office. She is also a leftist wacko who can be manipulated.

Thirdly, it would place Speaker Pelosi herself next in line for the presidency.

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