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LETTER: Michael Ramirez does it again

Review-Journal editorial cartoonist Michael Ramirez does it again. What a wonderful editorial cartoon he presented in the Nov. 24 newspaper. “Speaking of National Disasters” made me laugh out loud. All of us had now better get ready for some more national disasters. Paris accord redux. Iran deal redux. NATO countries not paying their fair share redux. Mideast conflict redux, etc., etc.

Most of the countries around the world are very happy that their rich Uncle Sam is back in town with cash. Washington is ready to go back to being the smelly swamp it has always been. This is exactly why President Donald Trump won four years ago and why a Republican will win four years from now. Same old, same old.

I’m certainly glad that Mr. Ramirez will be commenting on all this in the Review-Journal. He always hits the nail correctly.

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