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LETTER: Magazine attacks Donald Trump based on anonymous sources

A loser magazine — the Atlantic Monthly (circulation about 500,000 each issue, not monthly) — reports that President Donald Trump has called U.S. military causalities losers and suckers. No source quoted, no corroboration and no backup whatsoever. What happens? The U.S. media go crazy and report this damning quote without any verification.

I hope the reader will realize how biased and unreliable the information from the general media has become. Many of these folks will just lie outright if it slams President Trump.

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LETTER: The travails of a Las Vegas census worker

Yes, over the past three weeks, I’ve knocked on well more than 300 doors, with about one-third responding that they have already submitted their information via the internet or mail.

LETTER: Remembering the unity of 9/11

Perhaps our next unity will come this Election Day, but I am not betting on it.

LETTER: NFR leaving Las Vegas is symptomatic of a larger problem

Now that our woke leaders gave away the NFR to Houston for this year only (supposedly), chances are the cowboys will be enticed to stay there for the future and give Vegas the royal buck.