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LETTER: Joe Biden news conference was all about ‘gotcha’

I eagerly watched President Joe Biden Wednesday as he held his news conference on the one-year anniversary of his presidency. Hardly any problems arose since his election. Right? No more COVID? Republicans all willing to work with the Democrats for the good of our nation? Not even an insurrection on Jan. 6, 2021, that looked like an actual insurrection? No states trying to limit voting access? None of that. Just an ordinary year.

So why do all the esteemed reporters at the press conference resemble attack dogs? I know the press is essential to our democracy. But these days, no matter what I read or what channel I watch, the news plays a game of “gotcha.” Every question is an attempt to convict some public figure of a crime, a weakness or a fault. These days, on the mean streets of politics, everyone goes for the jugular.

We need a break from the nastiness that pervades our public discourse. The media could lead the way instead of being swept up in the ugly tide of partisanship.

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