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LETTER: Harry Reid, the power broker

If the late Harry Reid “sits atop the pantheon of Nevada political greats,” as your Thursday editorial stated, what does that say about Nevada’s politicians? Not much.

In fact, Mr Reid was a backroom power broker and divider. Just like the political cronies who changed the airport name for him. No public debates or process, just power brokers.

There is little to be gained by criticizing Mr. Reid, but let’s not try to make him into what he was not. He was a successful backroom power broker and divider when what we really needed was a uniter and more transparency.

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LETTER: Another mass shooting

How long before we hear Alex Jones claim that the children and adults killed in the Texas gun massacre were actors?

LETTER: Texas school shooting hits close to home

Wednesday morning, we received the news that one of our great-grandsons was too frightened to go to school. Too bad all senators and representatives did not get that same call.