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LETTER: Happy talk about water ignores the problem: growth

I read with great interest the Sunday essay by County Commissioner Tick Segerblom regarding the lack of water. While it was a good piece that tried to strike at the heart of the problem, he left out the most obvious cause: growth.

Mr. Segerblom has a lot to say regarding the draining of Lake Powell. Yet he never once mentioned the one thing that he of all people could and must do: control growth. Filling Lake Powell did not get us in this predicament any more than using snow machines at ski resorts is the reason for a lack of snow.

Right now, the federal government is withholding a large amount of water from that should flow from Lake Powell into Lake Mead. Is anyone going without water? Of course not. Currently, Montana and Wyoming were being flooded from melting snow. Where is that water going? Why isn’t it being piped into the Colorado River system as well as flood waters from the Mississippi River? After all, we pump oil all over the country. Why not water?

California has more water than the entire world could ever use. It’s called the Pacific Ocean. Shall we get together with them to see how we can use that water?

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