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LETTER: Hanson refuses to engage with Jan. 6 evidence

Victor Davis Hanson’s Sunday column (“What the Jan. 6 committee might have been”) evokes the saying, “There are none so blind as those who will not see.”

Hanson condemns the Jan. 6 committee for what it has not investigated while turning a blind eye to what the committee’s investigation has revealed: Donald Trump acted in a conniving and corrupt manner by attempting to coax, manipulate and coerce state officials and others to engage in unlawful and dishonest acts in order to help him hold onto the power that he obviously craves.

Moreover, Hanson claims that the committee is “partisan,” while blindly disregarding the fact that the witnesses presented by the committee have largely consisted of Republican members of Trump’s administration and other Republicans, including Bill Stepien (Trump’s former campaign manager), William Barr (Trump’s attorney general), Jeff Rosen (Trump’s former acting attorney general), Greg Jacob (legal adviser to Vice-President Mike Pence ) and J. Michael Luttig (highly respected conservative federal judge).

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