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LETTER: Gruden the victim of our one-sided culture wars

So Jon Gruden sent a few insensitive emails a few years ago, and for that he deserves just about the death penalty. No compassion from compassionate wokes. At the same time, Virginia governor blackface is happily finishing his last term. Joy Reed, the anchor on one of the most anti-American cable channels, is still hosting her show even though some years ago she posted a few homophobic tweets. No need for them to lose their jobs. Woke brigades got their backs.

It seems to me that these culture wars are pretty much one-sided. But wokes better be careful. You don’t want to wake up the sleeping giant.

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LETTER: Break up the two-party monopoly

It would be funny if it weren’t so sad, but I don’t know how people can be so blind to the blatant monopoly and collusion of the Democratic and Republican parties.

LETTER: The rich get richer with Build Back Better

The Build Back Better legislation that passed the House last week has me confused coming from a Democratic Party claiming that no one earning less than $400,000 will see a tax increase.